Pre-Qualification & Verification Services

Are you looking for assistance with ISNetworld®, RAVS®, PEC Premier, PICS Auditing, BROWZ, CanQual, ComplyWorks, or other third party verifiers?

CSI delivers fast–and guaranteed to pass–contractor pre-qualification and verification programs for ISN® (ISNetworld® Database), PEC Premier, PICS Auditing, BROWZ, CanQual, ComplyWorks and others.

Easy Pre-Qualification– Generate , Submit and Qualify

CSI is the lowest cost provider for third party pre-qualification services & maintenance. Our efficient processes allow for fast pre-qualification, with less strain on your business, and your bottom line.

We’ve spent countless hours of research, development and production to ensure that our pre-qualification process is valid, authentic, and capable of rapid implantation and approval.

Once approved we offer a complete annual pre-qualification maintenance and management program to ensure that your account remains at 100% contractor approval. The maintenance program ensures all new quarterly updates are being managed and implemented immediately. Keep your maintenance plan for up to three years for continued fast pre-qualification and approval.

Achieving 100% Contractor Pre-Qualification Approval—Fast!

CSI offers easy pre-qualification and fast approval at affordable prices. Choose services a la carte, or bundle them and save. Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Give us a call, our staff of qualified industry professionals are familiar with a wide variety of programs and third party verifiers.


  • Written Safety Programs – 100% RAVS® Programs / EHS Manual approval
  • Training Requirements – 100% TRAVS™ Training Approval
  • Questionnaire – 100% completion of questionnaire (MSQ™, SSQ, PQF, etc.) – Approx. 1800 – 2200 questions
  • Statistical Metrics – Submittal of statistical metrics, including, OSHA Logs 300, 300A & 301 & EMR Letters.
  • Insurance & Workers Compensation – Submittal of insurance and workers compensation documentation.
  • Assistance with all Owners – Client specific acknowledgment requirements.
  • Annual Maintenance of the account offered—up to three years.

Complete Pre-Qualification Service

Guaranteed 100% account submission in 12 hours or less

Our pre-qualification and approval process is as fast as it is comprehensive. CSI services include:

  • Written manual uploads, training documentation submittal & questionnaire completion.
  • Generation and submission of a complete environmental, health and safety manual to ensure 100% compliance with ISNetworld, PICS Auditing, PEC Premier, owner-clients & contractor clients.
  • Required training documentation for complete contractor approval
  • Completion of required 1800 – 2200 length questionnaire, to coincide with EHS manual provided. Elimination of all discrepancies in database GAP report.
  • Submittal of Statistical Metrics, Insurance & Workers Compensation documentation (OSHA Logs 300, 300A, 3001 & EMR Letters)

Pre-Qualification Maintenance Program

Happy with our fast pre-qualification service? Get a pre-qualification maintenance program for up to three years and we’ll help you stay on top of all current and new verification programs, database requirements, mandates, quarterly updates and more. We’ll ensure that you stay at the highest passing level, so your next pre-qualification is just as fast as the last.

Get the peace of mind of knowing your account is up-to-date and always compliant. Our budget-friendly pre-qualification maintenance programs include:

  • Updates to your manual and account are managed immediately to ensure a 100% grade retention.
  • Qualified professionals oversee your account with periodic logins and provide monthly email notifications to help keep account at its maximum compliance score.
  • We’ll write and submit all new chapters added due to new Owner-Client requirements and HSE required elements.
  • Annually update written programs to ensure regulatory compliance for contractor re-verification purposes.
  • Maintain all quarterly updates with fulfillment of database questionnaires and complete account management submittal of OHSA Logs, EMR Letters and Insurance documentation.
  • Fulfill all new requirements and demands required by third party auditors like ISNetworld, PICS Auditing, PEC Premier, BROWZ, CanQUal, ComplyWorks and many more.