Your Guide to RAVS®

What is RAVS?

RAVS stands for Review and Verification Services. According to ISNetworld, RAVS “outlines the process for an effective safety program.” That process is determined by a combination of health and safety specialists, state, federal and provincial regulations, and any other third party safety protocols that, when incorporated, result in a safer working environment.

The RAVS team reviews written safety programs of contractors (all of those that apply for any given business) and grades a self-review questionnaire. The quality of your company’s RAVS compliance could mean the difference between a passing and failing grade.

What do RAVS look like?

“RAVS” is kind of a blanket term for safety programs. The programs are actually written documents that can range in length from a couple of pages, to several dozen, it all depends on the subject matter—a program for the operation and construction and care of a ladder is obviously going to be shorter than one on the many ins and outs of electrical safety for mining surface metal.

Think of each RAVS program as an owner’s manual, like something you would find in the package of a new appliance. If someone were to read, follow and implement all the guidelines within your RAVS program, their company should be safe, productive, and most importantly, compliant.

As far as what RAVS look like, the owner’s manual comparison works here too. There’s a standard format to follow that makes them easy to read and understand.

Get some RAVS help

Writing, formatting, and uploading your own RAVS programs can be an extremely time consuming task—and it’s not even the only part of ISNetworld verification. That’s what we’re here for. If ISNetworld is the teacher, issuing a test, and your business is the student, preparing to take it, we’re the tutor, here to get you ready—we even guarantee you’ll pass!

We’ll help you find which RAVS you’re company needs to complete, then we’ll complete and upload them for you. We’ll also help with the RAVS questionnaire, and other ISNetworld verification requirements. CSI is staffed with qualified, experienced professionals. As far as tutors go, we’re the best!

Additional ISNetworld® Help

ISNetworld verification doesn’t stop at RAVS. There’s also I-RAVS and T-RAVS. I-RAVS are RAVS for insurance—think reviews of worker’s compensation, liability insurance documentation and more. T-RAVS are about training. In some cases you’ll be required to submit proof that health and safety training has occurred for specific equipment and scenarios. Documentation for all versions of RAVS may be required by an owner-client, so it’s best to have it all taken care of at once. We can help with those requirements too.

Remember, RAVS is just one part of ISNetworld verification, and ISNetworld is just one of many third party verification organizations. Our comprehensive services can help you get pre-qualified faster, no matter the organization.

Get 100% Approval, Guaranteed!

Looking for other qualification services? Whether you’ve never seen a RAVS program, or you’re already halfway done and you need help crossing the finish line, we can help.  Let CSI focus on your compliance requirements, you focus on your business.