Safety Compliance for the Oil, Gas & Petroleum Industry

Safety Compliance for the Oil, Gas & Petroleum Industry

Meeting compliance standards in the oil, gas and petroleum industry can lead to more business, higher efficiency, and better workplace safety, for contractors like you. Not meeting standards, or receiving low grades from third party compliance organizations could result in missed opportunities, canceled contracts, or worse. Yes, compliance can be a tedious, time-consuming process, but that’s why we’re here. CSI is the lowest cost provider in the compliance industry. We guarantee fast approval. Our job is to help you stay compliant so you can focus on and grow your business.

Oil, Gas and Petroleum Third Party Compliance

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has guidelines and requirements for the oil, gas and petroleum industry in the United States, many facilities operate outside of the country. That means there are usually other federal and/or provincial regulations to consider. And that’s where compliance companies come in.

Compliance organizations like ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, BROWZ ®and others create or assess safety and compliance standards that can be applied universally, across companies, regardless of country. Achieving 100% approval and/or a high passing grade with these organizations gives you more flexibility, and makes your company more attractive to owner clients.

Ongoing Compliance & Safety Maintenance

Compliance isn’t a one and done task. It requires maintenance, upkeep, constant updates, and good habits. Regulations can change, insurance issues can pop up, and new equipment can be introduced—which would require new documentation. At CSI we offer maintenance services for all third party compliance organizations. Reach 100% approval, and retain your high grade with our full-service maintenance programs. From new labor posters to new workers’ compensation issues, we’ll help you handle whatever comes your way, up to three years!

The Most Common Compliance Companies

There are a wide variety of compliance organizations, each with their own standards. Not every owner client requires all of them, but it’s generally a good idea to have high grades and/or be compliant with as many standards as possible. Here are a few of the most common standards in the oil, gas and petroleum industry.

Remember: CSI does not compete with any of the following companies. We work with you and them to help you get approved. Our qualified consultants have experience with all of the following companies, their individual programs, processes and compliance requirement.