PEC Premier®

What is PEC® Approval?

PEC Safety is a third party organization–like ISNetworld® and others–that verifies contractors in the oil, gas and petroleum industry as compliant according to various safety standards and regulations set by state and federal regulations. The PEC Basic Orientation and Core Compliance programs are accepted by a wide number of major independent oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S.

The PEC Premier program vets contractors through the completion and scoring of the PEC Standardized Safety Questionnaire and other compliance metrics.

Approval in Three Steps

The CSN approval process is efficient, simple and fast. Most of our third party pre-qualification processes boil down to three steps. Generate, submit, approval.

It starts with a phone call. You let us know what kind of help you need–from full-service, to experienced assistance, we do it all. After a thorough interview, we’ll assess your business and help get you on the road to approval. We’ll do whatever it takes, including complete questionnaires, update written safety programs, file EMR letters, take care of insurance documentation, and more.

After all the documents have been created and filed, questionnaires have been completed, and paperwork finished, we’ll submit everything to the proper third party organizations. While we’re submitting your documents, you focus on your business.

Within 24 to 72 hours, you’ll be approved, guaranteed. We offer fast approval at a low cost. Going with CSI is a low risk decision that can yield high rewards–not the least of which is the peace of mind of knowing your business is compliant.

But it doesn’t stop at approval. To maintain compliance and retain your high approval scores, you’ll need to stay on top of any regulatory updates. CSI offers up to three years of compliance maintenance. We’ll update safety programs, complete questionnaires, and much more. We’ll be the dedicated safety and compliance employee you never had, at a fraction of the cost! Get compliant and stay compliant, call us now.