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ISNetworld® Compliance Services from CSI

While ISNetworld® has worked to streamline the process of verification, it’s still a time-consuming and often challenging task. Not every business has the time and manpower to devote to the approval process, but a failing grade from ISNetworld® can be disastrous to a company’s health and longevity in the industry. At CSI, we operate as the dedicated verification and compliance employee you never had. Our job is to help you get your business approved–fast! Our qualified professionals work with you to cover every facet of the ISNetworld® verification process.


What is ISN® Verification?

ISNetworld® is a third party organization that verifies contractors in the oil, gas and petroleum industry as safe and compliant–in accordance with a variety of state, federal and provincial regulations. ISNetworld®’s verification processes help create safer working environments, and encourage high efficiency production. To the governing bodies that create the many regulatory mandates contractors must adhere to, being verified by ISNetworld® means your business meets the safety standards required to operate in the industry. How do you achieve ISNetworld® verification? That’s where CSI comes in.


Ongoing ISNetworld® Compliance

What happens once you have achieved 100% approval? You’ve got to maintain it. Compliance is an ongoing task. From quarterly Management Safety Questionnaire updates, to new insurance documentation, there are a variety of changes you’ll need to keep an eye out for during the year. CSI can help you stay on top of it with our yearly maintenance programs. Get up to three years of maintenance to help keep your company compliant. Maintenance includes regular updates to your account for maximum grade retention, updates of OHSA Logs, EMR letters and much more.


Why Go with Compliance Services International?

Look at pre-qualification as a practice run. We’ll help you get ready for the real thing, and guarantee 100% approval, at a lower cost than anyone else. Getting pre-qualified helps ease—and with yearly maintenance, eliminate—the burden of ISNetworld® qualification on your business. You focus on your business, and we’ll focus on compliance. Together we’ll get your business approved in 12 hours or less.


ISNetworld® Mini Glossary

New to ISNetworld® qualification? Here are some of the basics to get you started. You’ll see this terms a lot in the approval process. Have more questions? Give us a call!

What is RAVS® – Stands for Review and Verification Services. These are the written health and safety programs required for ISNetworld® approval. RAVS® must be written and submitted according to guidelines set by ISNetworld® and other regulatory bodies. Along with RAVS are T-RAVS (basically, training for RAVS), and I-RAVS (insurance review for coverages, workers’ compensation and more).

What is MSQ™ – Management Safety Questionnaires. There are a variety of MSQ™, all of which cover a range of topics, including safety and performance grading.

What is Your Dashboard Grade – The grade issued for a contractor by ISNetworld® on a standard scale of A to F, where A is the best passing grade, and F is failing.